Pristine Waterfall

Pristine Waterfall
Tanjil River West Branch Waterfall

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Easter in Tanjil Bren

The Easter long weekend break has come and gone.  In Tanjil Bren the population swelled from 8 people to more than 100 with most of the cottage owners and their friends and families escaping their city lives to spend some time up here in the hills.  People who had known each other for many years had the rare chance to reconnect and chat about where their vastly different lives had taken them.

The village was almost unrecognisable with all the people, cars and dirt bikes.  The weather was perfect and the cottage owners took advantage of it to mow, brushcut and burn.  Their weekenders took on an air of neatness and serenity.

Children could be seen and heard happily riding around on pushbikes and dirt bikes.  Children's laughter is not a part of the normal life here, so it was refreshing to remember the exhilaration and play of childhood.

All three accommodation lodges were full to capacity so business was good too.  Guests had the chance to go on walks, feed the parrots, discover a crystal or few at the old crystal pits and just relax and unwind amongst the tall mountain ash gums.

Tanjil Bren held its Annual General Meeting of the Town Water Board Committee in Del's Hall, which was well attended by the rate payers.  Morning tea was provided where over a cuppa friendships were politely renewed until the next time.  After the meeting a photograph was taken for future prosperity.

Del, who is the owner of the lodges, was quite excited to take a few of us up to his own personal lookout which he had named Jenny's Lookout after his beautiful long term partner.  We drove the 2 kilometres along the road and then turned into a track only to find that a gate had been recently erected barring our way.  Undefeated we left the cars at the gate and commenced the steep walk up the hill to the promised lookout.  After much huffing and puffing, some of us worse than others, we made it to the top of the hill only to discover that the lookout was no longer a lookout.   It must have been sometime since Del went up to Jenny's Lookout because now all the once young saplings had grown thereby obliterating the magnificent view.  Undeterred the ever thoughtful and efficient Jenny pulled out a bottle of wine and some wine glasses to toast the event amongst much giggling and many jibes.